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Interracial Swinger - Interracial BBC cuckold slut - cuck coupleThere is a rapidly growing number of interracial swingers as well as white cuckold couples who are embracing and living out their interracial cuckold fantasies.  This is a great time to be a sexy black man and even better if you happen to be packing a BBC, which as most of you know, stands for big black cock.  The Cuck / Bull fantasy is one of the most common topics and fantasies that couples are interested in when they join the swingers lifestyle.  Many couples join a swingers site and immediately begin searching for a sexy black man to fulfill the wife’s or husbands fantasy.  Fortunately, there are more and more single black males as well as interracial couples joining every day.

This interracial swingers cuckold lifestyle is also referred to as a “hotwife experience”.  The idea of the hotwife fantasy is that the sexy female half of the couple gets to go out on dates with sexy men, or some of the couples don’t go for the dating side of things, but instead prefer the wife to meet other sexy men for sex.  Oftentimes the scenario is that the wife is extremely attractive and maybe the male half  has gained some weight, or has a small penis, or just isn’t very good in bed.  Other times, the guy might be totally hot too, but is just very turned on by the idea of his sexy wife receiving pleasure form other well hung studs.  Sometimes this fantasy also involves the desire for cum play, otherwise know as a creampie fantasy.  In this scenario, the wife, the man, or both, love the idea of another man, or other men, filling the woman with cum.  This fantasy sometimes also involves what is referred to as “cleanup duty” where the husband or boyfriend will lick the bull’s cum out of the womans pussy after he has ejaculated inside of her.  Some men even lean toward the orally bi side and like to lick or suck his hotwife’s cum off of her stud lover.  As you can imagine, this cuck ‘/bull play can vary from mild to very wild!

Another segment of the interracial swinger cuckold experience is the interracial gangbang fantasy.  You might be surprised how many couples fantasize about the woman being with 3 or 4 or more sexy black men at the same time.  There are even groups of well hung black men in many cities that advertise themselves as gangbang groups.  Most of the men are very sexy with hard bodies, and oftentimes, very large cocks!  Many of them also have posted picture sets of the gangbang group servicing a sexy hotwife, usally with the husband watching and taking pics or video.  If you are interested in the Interracial Swinger Cuckold experience, we would recommend starting with a profile on Kasidie, and posting a few sexy pics and stating clearly in your profile what you are looking for.  Do some searches for single men or interracial couples in your area, and send some email.  Fantasies do not have to remain fantasies!

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We have many favorite interracial experiences and we thought we would create an Interracial Swinger stories page to tell you about some of our hottest and most erotic interracial sexual encounters.  Both of us love black men, black women, black couples, and racially mixed couples as well.  We also have had some great experiences with asian women, hispanic women, and one very hot arabic woman too.

We would love to hear some of your real life interracial swinger stories and your favorite real interracial swingers experiences.  If you are still just fantasizing about interracial sex, then stop dreaming about the thrill of taboo black and white sex, and start experiencing the intoxicating eroticism of interracial dating and fun!

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black on white contrast - interracial swingers, white woman black manAre you looking for an Interracial Swinger Experience?
If you are turned on interracial sex and the contrast of black and white, we certainly understand!  We are a white couple that absolutely love interracial swinging.  We especially love sexy black men and women and seek out interracial swingers every chance we get.  We completely embrace the BBC and cuckold lifestyle, and we both absolutely love the taste and sexuality of black men or black women.

We believe that the idea of being an interracial swinger is becoming more popular than ever!  We have many friends who we have met from several of our favorite Interracial Swinger sites that are just like us.  We enjoy having sex with other couples like us, but it is the spice and variety of interracial black on white sex that really turns us on the most.

It used to be so difficult for us to meet men and women to enjoy our interracial fantasies with, but thanks to the internet and the fantastic interracial swinger sites
that have huge memberships now, we can enjoy this sexy kink any time we feel like it, and WE FEEL LIKE IT A LOT!

We have created to help other open minded couples or singles find the interracial swingers experience that they are fantasizing about. Whether you are looking for an Interracial encounter, or an interracial relationship, it doesn’t have to just be fantasies any more!

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